ABOUT ME – Judith Richey

Meet Judith

Hi, I'm Judith!

Welcome to my crazy, wonderful, amazing, fun, rewarding world!

I love my life, because I’ve created it to be exactly what I want it to be. (The pic on the left is my family--in all our craziness, fun, and love!)

And you can have that wonderful life too! Let me show you how.

My mission is to offer training, support, and hope to entrepreneurs (like you) who are building a  business, both in the traditional sense and online. 

I teach you how to implement social media and online strategies so you can have more time freedom to spend with your family or simply enjoying the things you love.

And, I help you find financial reward from building online. To supplement that retirement income, or replace a spouse’s income so he/she can retire. To fund those fun vacations, or time with your grandkids.

I help you use Facebook and other social media without being sales-y, spammy or annoying. I teach you how to move your business forward, bring leads, sales and new business partners to YOU! From anywhere, anytime.

So you can build the life you want! And love the life you live. 

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3-Way Messenger Recruiting Scripts

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Are You Using LinkedIn

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