3 Money Blocks Keeping You From Attracting Abundance – Judith Richey

3 Money Blocks Keeping You From Attracting Abundance


How to flip the narrative and attract abundance in your business and grow your profits. 

by Judith Richey

The one comment I hear over and over again from my clients and friends who have their own businesses is this “I get so tired of finding new clients/customers for my pipeline all the time.”

Keeping your pipeline full is a common problem, for those of us with an entrepreneurial business, but it’s also a problem for brick and mortar businesses, too.  Having a constant flow of new customers, repeat customers and referrals is the lifeline of your business.

It can be frustrating.  You’ve burned through your warm market, your current customers are faithful, but maybe they don’t need what you have to offer every month.  You network.  You ask for referrals.  You’ve tried posting on your Facebook page, or on Instagram. You’ve got a profile set up on LinkedIn, but beyond that, you’re not really sure what to do with it.  

I KNOW!  I was exactly where you are!  I did all those things.  And it felt like I was putting a target on people’s backs—-“Oh, there’s another one I can get!”  and I stopped seeing people are friends and only saw them as potential customers.  That’s not a good way to be!  

It was when I learned that the problem was with me, that I learned the keys to shifting my thoughts and behaviors.   And now, my business grows every day, with ease.  

What I learned is it’s about what I’m attracting into my life.  And that is about mindset.  Once I shifted my mindset away from thoughts and behaviors that were blocking the flow of abundance into my life, I opened the gates for new growth in my business.  This shift created space for me to learn new techniques and methods that allowed me to attract my ideal customer/client, without all the frustration I had previously been through. 

I’m going to share the 3 most common blocks entrepreneurs have that are keeping them from the flow of abundance in their lives.  This may be you!  And then, I’m going to share a secret I’ve discovered to help you map a course of action to attract, not chase, new customers into your business.  This secret works no matter what kind of business you have—bakery, dentist office, network marketing, real estate, or direct sales.  If you want to grow your business, this method is for you!

Block #1  I don’t deserve good things in my life

This block shows up ALL over the place in your life.  In your romantic life when your partner did something nice for you and you said—oh you shouldn’t have.  When a friend gave you a compliment on your outfit and you reacted with deflection—what, this old thing?  

The way it’s blocking abundance flowing into your business is that with this mindset of not deserving, you’ll achieve a moderate amount of success, and then you’ll start hearing the tape in your head that tells you you don’t deserve to be successful because you’ve never been successful, and you don’t have the skills necessary to build what you want.  

Block #2  I don’t measure up

There’s a saying that comparison is the thief of joy.  You aren’t here on this planet to be like anyone else.  You are uniquely and especially created to be you… in all your wonderful, glorious you-ness.  No one else was sent here to do what it is that you were created to do.  Your journey is yours, and yours alone.  

This abundance blocker shows up when you are jealous of someone else’s achievements (admit it, you have been), when you see someone driving a new luxury car and you begrudge them their success.  It even shows up when the dog chooses to play with your friend, instead of you.  This constant comparison sends out vibes to those you are around that they don’t want to choose you, because you don’t measure up—so why would they choose you?

 Block #3  Money is evil and so are people who have it.

This is tricky one…this money and evil story.

There is a verse in the New Testament that goes like this “The love of money is the root of all evil…” (1 Timothy 6:10).  This verse has been twisted and changed to be repeated as Money is evil.  

Money is not evil, neither are people who have money.

Money is neither good or evil.  It just is.  It’s like the sweater you wear to keep you warm, or your refrigerator that keeps your food stored safely.  Money is just a tool.  

People how have lots and lots and lots of money have gotten very good at how they use the tool.  They have learned methods that help them grow their supply.  That’s possible for you too. 

Releasing the thought that money is evil (and the people who have it are too) will help you attract it into your business and therefore your life.  How can you attract something you think is evil?  

Changing the narrative:

Here’s the good news—you can remove these blocks by reflecting on all the times they come up in your daily thinking.  What’s happening?  Did someone you know drive up in a new car?  Did your family member move to a nicer neighborhood?  Did a facebook friend post about a dream vacation?  Did someone in your professional arena knock it out of the park on a project they had been working on?  Did a cross-line business partner achieve a rank you have long dreamed up?  What are the internal thoughts about YOU that you’re hearing?  Recognize them, name them, and then release them.  Step into a new way of thinking and start changing the narrative in your head.  It won’t happen instantly.  Over time you can change what you’re hearing.  It takes intentionality and purpose to create new habits of thought.  

Believe me, none of those achievements happened by chance.  These folks have worked through the blocks that were keeping them stuck, just like you might be.  And they learned techniques that have helped them grow their businesses.  

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This boot camp will give you the jumpstart you need to learn new techniques that will help you grow your business to the success you’ve only seen others achieve!  

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