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Be Willing as An Entrepreneur

Today I’m going to share 7 Ways of Willingness that will help you be successful as an entrepreneur.  These 7 tips are for the network marketer, home based business owner, direct sales person, or a brick and mortar business owner.  

This is all about willingness. 

1.  Be willing to fail.  

We have to fail in order to move forward.  NO one gets it right the first time.  All those people you see walking the stage at conventions who are successful and who are making things happen, they’ve failed.  I love this quote by Thomas Edison “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  

That’s amazing!  Thomas Edison had over 1000 patents on different inventions.  You may know he created the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph (does anyone know what that is anymore?), the movie camera—over 1000 different inventions. He failed thousand and thousand of times.  Be willing to fail.

2.  Be willing to succeed.  Did you know that people are actually afraid of success and they self-sabotage themselves so they won’t succeed?  It’s this weird mindset game that people play.  I want you to embrace success and everything that means.  I want you to count all your little successes. 

Look at the small steps you have accomplished each day.  Did you work diligently all day to achieve your goals for the day?  Did you work until you got your tasks done?  That’s success!! Be willing to succeed! 

3. Be willing to hang in there. Find the benefit in every experience.  When you do the little things along the way, you are setting yourself up for success for the next day, and the next.  Eventually all those small successes will add up!  

There are things you have to do as an entrepreneur that seem like they don’t make sense, or that by doing these, you aren’t getting the “cheese”.  Those little things will set you up for success, so hang in there when you don’t see the benefit of of those small things.  Be willing to hang in there.  

4.  Be willing to be coachable and trainable.  Know that there is something to learn from everyone.  Even when someone slams the door in your face, says no, or is rude, there is something to learn.  It may be they are not your ideal client, you’re talking to the wrong person.  When you look at people are successful in your business, know there are things to learn from them, too. Don’t be jealous of their success, be grateful for their success.  When they have gone before you and are willing to coach and train you, to help you be successful too, that a great thing!  Many of us have a love of helping other people be successful.  Be willing to be coachable and trainable. 

5.  Be willing to show up.  When there is a training, a meeting, a coaching session, a meeting, an event-- show up.  Come to those.  Come ready and be ready to learn and play full out.  My mentors offer many different coaching sessions and they record them.  When we have these coaching sessions and trainings available, we want to show up, because those mentors are pouring into us.  Then, we can in turn, pour into others.  There are people who are not at your step in the journey, and they are looking up to you, because they are aspiring to do what you are doing.  Be willing to show up.

6.  Be willing to do the work.  It’s just about discipline and having a work ethic.  Yesterday, I didn’t feel so good, and I didn’t really want to do my FB live, but I did it anyway.  It felt great, and it gave me the push to keep going.  We all have our off days.  This is when discipline comes in.  Be willing to do the work. 

7.  Be willing to invest in yourself.  There’s an old saying that it takes money to make money.  I want you to know that YOU are your greatest asset.  Not your degree, not your experience, not what happened yesterday—YOU!.  You are your greatest asset.  Invest in yourself with personal development.  It can be something as simple as spending 10 minutes a day reading a personal development book, listening to a podcast or meditating.  Just take that time and invest in yourself. Do some physical exercise.  If you’re not a gym kind of person, get out and walk, do yoga at home, or play an exercise game on a game console.  Do something to move.  Take the time to learn, model and apply.  Learn from those masters and mentors, those people who have gone before you and are where you want to be.  I was with a company and people kept getting up on stage and saying “Oh, I made X rank in 18 months, and I did it all on social media”.  Here’s the deal—no one shared with the rest of us how to do that!  They never bothered to explain how they did that.  That wasn’t someone who wanted to pour into other people.  That was someone who was in it all for themselves.  Now, I’m so thrilled to be in a company where I can walk alongside people who say “Here’s what I’ve done—and let me show you how.”  They offer coaching and mentoring.  They are genuinely interested and generously pouring into other people.  That’s why I do what I do.  To pour into you.  The thing I have found is a system that works.  

You can grab it here!  Be willing to invest in yourself. 


You can have this successful system right now.  All it takes it you being willing.  Check it out here.  

Judith Richey

I help people--just like you--grow your passion into a business you love, using powerful online and social media strategies so you can achieve your goals of time and financial freedom.

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