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Build Your Brand

Branding is more that just your colors, your logo and your tagline.  Those are part of your brand, but not your entire brand!  Your brand is your promise to your customers.  It tells them what they can expect from you, your products and services.  It also tells them what make you different from everyone else in your field.  
Following is a worksheet you can fill in to start defining your brand.  

1.  Define your mission.  This will be about who your target customer is, the value you add and how you bring your message to your target customer.                                                                                         Example:  I work with entrepreneurs to help them create an online presence to attract their ideal customer.  They have expertise in their field and need to learn more about how to effectively use social media to get their message out.  I consistently use Facebook and other social media channels to give tips and advice and offer solutions that will help set them apart from their competition.

Write your mission statement: 

2.  Have you chosen your brand colors?  If so, what are they?

3.  Do you have a logo that is personalized to you, not your company that you are partnered with? 

4.  How would you describe the benefits of your products or services?  Benefits are NOT features—benefits are what you tell in a story setting of what using your product or service will do for the customer.  Think of it like a testimonial from a happy customer!

5.  Have you developed a tagline?  This is a memorable, concise statement that captures the essence of your brand.

6. Where and when are you consistently showing up?

Example:  I post 3 times a week on Facebook and go live once a week. 

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