How Do You Make Your Desires SMART? – Judith Richey

How Do You Make Your Desires SMART?

SMART Goals - How do you make your desires smart?

How do you take your goals, line them up with the desires you have for your life, and make them SMART, in all the different areas of your life.

You may remember we’ve talked about the Danielle LaPorte book, The Desire Map, and looking at the different areas of your life-spirituality, health and wellness, your career, relationships. What are you doing in each of those areas, and how do you want to feel?

Traditionally SMART goals have been something that corporate folks use.
T=Time Bound

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, about how we can take the feel good parts of what Danielle LaPorte gave us in Desire Map and line those up with SMART goals, which are more toward what the results you are going to get.

Let’s say you’re someone who works in a network marketing company. You have some specific things you want to achieve, you want to rank up, you want to hit bonuses, build team members. You look at that and think “I want to have X amount of bonus, or X number of team members.”

When you are looking at SMART goals, how do you write that? The way you write that is around activities. Do your numbers and figure out how many calls, how many appointments, how many recruiting talks, how many appointments have to be about talking about the business to achieve your goals. How many personal sales do you need to make to achieve your goals? How many calls do you need to make, how many vendor events, how many classes? All those things that you do in your business. That’s how you break it down.

It’s not possible to say “I’m going to make 6 figures in my business this year”, without breaking it down. That’s where SMART goals come in.

You want to be specific about the number of calls you’re making, the number of appointments you have. Then you want to look at how you measure those. Get to know what your metrics are, what your law of averages is when you make calls and have appointments. What is your call to appointment conversion ratio? What is your appointment to sale conversion ratio? That’s measurable.

Make sure it’s achievable. Are you being reasonable and setting a goal that is a stretch for you?

Set SMART goals

Is is relevant? If you’re at a lower level right now, you’re just starting out in your career, is it relevant for you to think you’re going to jump to a Diamond, Presidential Diamond, Team Elite, or whatever terminology your company uses, in a year? Maybeeeee…maybe you’re one of those go-getters. Maybe not. It depends on a lot of different factors.

Is your goal time bound? Have you put a time to your achievement you want to make? It’s not possible for most of us to sit down and make 100 calls in a day.

It is possible for most of us to make 3-5 calls in a day. Some people easily make 25 calls in a day. That’s where you have to sit down and do some work with your metrics and what’s going on with you to fill in those SMART’s in your SMART goals.

If you’re a mom at home and you’re not working a business, you may have different goals. I know a lot of moms who tell me they don’t have goals. Their goals are to get the kids off to school, then to their after school activities, get supper on the table. Whatever it is in your house—you can have goals in your life too. They’re going to look different from someone who’s working a business
or a corporate job. It’s a great thing for you to have goals. That’s a fun thing for you to think about.

It really depends on what’s going on in your life, what you want to achieve and what you desire and how you want to feel about things.
Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound=SMART

There is a lot of information out there on the web about SMART goals, podcasts, blogs and more. I wanted to bring this to you so you can begin to think about
this for your life.

Drop a comment and tell me about some of the goals you have. Do you have goals? Do you need goals? What does this look like for your life? Let’s
continue the conversation.

I’m Judith Richey, Your Well Being Guide, Guiding You to The Life You Love.

SMART Goal Setting


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