What do a Gardener and a Marketer have in common? OR Why I drove 35 miles to pick up fresh veggies – Judith Richey

What do a Gardener and a Marketer have in common? OR Why I drove 35 miles to pick up fresh veggies

I drove about 35 miles the other day to go pick up some fresh veggies.  Why did I do that?

Last Saturday my husband and I went to a Texas park called Washington on the Brazos. It’s where the Declaration of Independence for Texas was signed. 

The reason we went up there was because there was supposed to be a Farmer’s Market and Artisan Market.  It was more Artisan vendors than it was Farmer’s Market.  In fact, there weren’t any vegetables anywhere!

I started talking to one of the park rangers and she shared that she and her husband are gardeners and they have an over abundance of veggies and fruit and I was like “Yeah, of course!  Who wouldn’t love fresh veggies from the garden?”  

She texted me and I kid you not, she sent me a picture of over 200 tomatoes they had picked.


It got me thinking about what gardeners and marketers have in common.  

They have a lot in common.

A gardener chooses their plot of land, they work it, develop it, nourish it, fertilize it and then plant their seeds.  Then they tend their seeds and garden.  They water it, weed it, and look out after it.  Part of it is nature and part of it is nuture.

Marketers are the same way.  We pick our “plot”.  Maybe that’s face to face or online.  I’m marketing online.  You may be interested in learning about online marketing, while you continue to do things the “old-fashioned” way doing shows, classes, parties, one on ones and talking to people everywhere.  

We plant seeds.  Those seeds are talking to potential business partners and planting the seed of growing their own business.  

We plant seeds of how we can help people find time freedom, extra money in the bank account every month, taking that family vacay you wanted, but didn’t have the extra money for, putting a kid through college.  

We plant seeds of the benefits of our products.  

And then nurture, fertilize, weed, and water.  And THEN we reap the harvest.  Just like the gardener who had over 200 tomatoes, squash, eggplants, peppers, zucchini and a whole bunch of other yummy veggies.  The gardener reaped the harvest of her hard work.

It was kind of interesting that by her giving us vegetables, she was giving us a blessing.  And that’s awesome.  She’s excited to share with us. She’s nurtured, tended, fertilized, this produce and now she has a bounty to share.  The product of her work is what she’s excited to share with me.

It’s the same way for me.  When I market to someone, I nurture, tend, help and mentor them and they  become my customer or business partner, I’m so excited because its a blessing for me to help enhance and enrich other people’s lives. Just like it was a blessing for the gardener to share her veggies with me.

It’s kind of weird to think about gardeners and marketers and what they have in common.

I picked up the veggies and had a beautiful drive through the country.  I picked up the blessing from this gardener.

The blessing of the bounty

I hope I am a blessing in your life too.  That you benefit by learning something that helps you do your business or even just “do” life.  

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See you soon!

P.S.  I just made Gazpacho!  What are you making with your harvest?


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Very interested in your info for net work marketing

    Judith Richey - December 19, 2019 Reply

    Hi Diana,

    My sincere apologies for not responding sooner! I would love to chat with you about how this works for network marketing. I would be happy to set up a zoom call so we can look at how that would work for you. Please let me know if that’s something you’d like to do.

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